Website to Mobile App (Android) Conversion Gig


Product Description: 

Your website will be converted into an Android application and when we publish it on Google Play the Android users will find it more interesting and will surf it with ease. It will lead to an increase of visitors and traffic, and the website itself will become much cooler.

You will be given full technical support at all times. The app will look just like your website and will update automatically with new content or changes you make on the website. You will be provided with your own personal QR code. 

The application is published with your chosen app name, 4 screenshots, a custom icon and a description. 

Product Features:

  • Android Application
  • QR Code
  • Publishing on Google Play
  • One touch call us now button
  • All social media pages
  • Touch to find on map feature
  • Touch to e-mail button

Product Turnaround Time:

5 days

Product Notes: 

Some websites may not be allowed by G. Play if they violate the content policy, but I have a solution for everything. 

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